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Nothing helps you beat the heat like an air conditioner. These powerful appliances are the perfect addition to your home, especially during summer months when the sun is blaring. Wallfit air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and specialty air conditioners are all popular, but if your room is around 150 to 220 square feet large, consider a unit with at least 5,700 to 7,400 BTUs.

The power of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU, the more space the appliance can comfortably cool. Before investing in an air conditioner, measure the space you want to cool. That way, you ensure you fin an appliance powerful enough for your needs.

Air conditioners with 5,700 to 7,400 BTUs are relatively small units. There are multiples designs available with this power range, including window air conditioners. Regardless of style, you’re likely to find a model that can be remote controlled while offering multiple cooling settings, providing the ease-of-use that you deserve.

No matter what size air conditioner you’re looking for, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of the best air conditioners from the most trusted manufacturers, ensuring you find the perfect choice for your space. Be sure to browse our air conditioner offerings today.

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CrosleyCrosley Compact Air : Window Unit - White

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Crosley CACS08B1

Crosley Compact Air : Window Unit - White

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CACS08B1 $250.00

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