SpeedCook with GE Advantium PSB9240SFSS and Jenn-Air JMC2430W

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SpeedCook at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Microwave Ovens aren't just for popcorn any more

New *SpeedCook technology has now enabled microwave combination ovens to do much of the “heavy lifting” of a conventional oven in a fraction of the time. If you've traditionally thought of microwave ovens as something to heat up water for tea, or re-heat leftovers, you should take a look at how speed cook microwave ovens use 21st century technology to give you oven quality food with microwave speed.

Here's what Consumer Reports has to say about the powerful new microwave ovens:

Speed is being joined by smarts as the big brands heat up their microwave oven lines. Many now have sensors that automate a number of cooking chores beyond popcorn. Sales-hungry manufacturers are also adding convection cooking and other features aimed at homeowners who want a second oven without having to remodel. – CR

How do SpeedCook microwave ovens work?

Using conventional oven 240v. thermal power in a smaller cavity will naturally cook faster, then by adding a convection fan, and the speed of microwaves you wind up with a great SpeedCook solution. Combine all this with sensor cooking, and some computer programming wizardry, and you have a remarkable cooking machine.

Below are two built-in microwave ovens available at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center that do a superb of using SpeedCook technology as well as unique capabilities of their own enabling you to cook invitingly delicious meals with blazing speed. They are: GE Advantium PSB9240SFSS and Jenn-Air's JMC2430W.

Both ovens combine microwave power, conventional heating elements, and convection fans. The GE Advantium adds heat provided by halogen lights to boost power.
Jenn-Air's SpeedCook microwave convection oven boasts a specially programmed Auto Sensor Steam Cook feature as well as **Inverter Technology that eliminates hot and cold spots and enables a precision melt/soften cycle. The GE Advantium requires a 240v. 30 amp circuit. The Jenn-Air uses a 240v. 20 amp circuit.

GE Advantium PSB9240SFSS

• Speedcook Technology (240) – Enjoy oven-quality results two to eight times faster than a conventional oven • 4 Ovens-In-1 – Expand your cooking versatility with four ovens in one • Halogen Heat – Skip the preheating with nearly instantaneous halogen heat • Over 175 Preprogrammed Recipes – Preprogrammed recipes make meals easy • Custom Recipe Saver – Conveniently store cooking instructions for up to 30 different recipes

Jenn-Air JMC2430W

• 1.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity • 1,000-Watt Power Output • 1,600-Watt Broil Element • 1,200-Watt Convection Element • 4.3-Inch Full Color Menu-Driven LCD Display • Speed-Cook • Convection & Microwave Combination Cooking • Auto Convection Conversion • Auto Sensor Microwave Cooking • Auto Sensor Steam Cook • Auto Sensor Reheat • Auto Non-Sensored Microwave Cooking • Crisp Option with Browning Pan • Boil & Simmer • Grill/Broil • Soften/Melt • Auto Defrost • 10 Power Levels • Popcorn Function • 3-Stage Memory Programming

Customers utilizing the great features of these ovens think of them not as microwave ovens, but as full featured ovens that have microwave capabilities. Truly, they are not just for popcorn anymore!


*Speedcook refers to technologies that boost cooking speed using either a combination of microwave and convection cooking or microwave and halogen lights. There is a third less common technology using air impingement which is primarily used commercially.

**Inverter Technology means that by selecting 40% power, the microwave will cook 100% of the time at 40% of its capability, instead of traditional microwaving which cooks at 100% power and cycles off 60% and on 40% of the time. Your cooking results will be much more even and reliable.

Learn more about the benefits of SpeedCooking at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

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