3 things you should know before buying a new glass ceramic cooktop.

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Congratulations!  Whether you’re purchasing a new smoothtop range or a separate ceramic cooktop surface unit,  you can expect many years of great cooking results. Here are 3 key facts that you should know.

    1. Glass ceramic cooktops are fast. Back in the ’70s appliance manufacturers introduced smooth cooktops made by Corning. Corning cooktops were very thick and slow to heat. Aided by ribbon elements, today’s ceramic glass cooktops can quickly reach and maintain high temperatures. 
    2. Glass ceramic cooktops are easy to clean. As with any surface, it’s best to clean before spills bake on, but if that doesn’t happen clean any hardened food off using a scraper. The surface can then be cleaned with a few drops of cleaner.  Polishes designed for ceramic cooktops are readily available.
    3. Glass ceramic cooktops are durable. Laboratory tests show that these surfaces have great mechanical strength and can withstand substantial impacts. Low horizontal conductivity means heat is transferred directly to cooking vessels, and nearby areas remain reasonably cool.

If you have any questions or comments about glass ceramic cooktops feel free to use the comment section below. As always, you can also contact the experienced folks at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center at 877-696-2982.


Some material above was taken from http://www.us.schott.com/hometech/english/products/ceran/index.html. Schott Glass is a leading manufacturer of Ceran ® ceramic glass. Made in Mainz Germany, Ceran ®  is the choice of many leading major appliance producers. Schott Ceran ®  glass is an eco-friendly product manufactured without the use of arsenic or antimony. It mainly consists of quartz sand that occurs naturally in nearly inexhaustible quantities.


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