A primer on installing your own appliances.

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We recommend having a professional install your appliances. However, if you are handy and insist on installing your appliances yourself, here are a few tips:

  1.  Read the installation instructions that come with your appliances before you begin.
  2.  Confirm that you have the right size circuit breakers available for electric appliances and the proper size gas lines for gas appliances. Make sure that your appliance is rated appropriately for the service that you do have. Convert as necessary from Natural to LP gas. (It is recommended that a professional do this.)
  3.  Assemble all the tools that you will need for installation.
  4.  Purchase all the needed parts, wires, connections, filters, etc. that you are going to need in advance.
  5. Do not throw away any packing material until the installation is complete. (If you need to return this product, you’ll need them.) Also, if something is missing, it might just be that it is hidden in the packing materials.
  6.  Make sure that you have drop cloths, mats, etc. to protect your floors and countertops.
  7.  Turn off electric circuit breakers, gas connections, and water lines as needed before you begin.
  8.  Read the installation instructions a second time.

It is almost certain that you will encounter some obstacle in a do-it-yourself installation. When in doubt double check the installation instructions. or check on the manufacturers website. Sometimes a brief search on the internet will also be helpful if you get stumped. Before you begin, guess as to how much time you think you will need to complete the installation and double it.

Finally, if you purchased your apppliances at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC), give them a call at 800 387-2011. They have 4 trained installation crews that keep busy installing appliances.

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