How important is a brand name?

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Name brand appliances tell a story.

Appliance Brands

Marketers use the term brand equity to describe the worth of a brand. Brands are built over time and firms invest millions in their brand image and reputation. A brand has meaning. It stands for something. A marketing executive once said,

“A brand is a promise.”

When considering appliance brands, the brand tells a story. Major appliance manufacturers segment their brands to fit different buyers.

  • For example, some brands are considered value brands. Value brands are built and priced to represent a value to entry level buyers who need performance at a price, i.e. good value on a tight budget.
  • At the other extreme of the price spectrum are luxury and super luxury brands. These are the Cadillacs and Bentleys of the appliance industry and they carry a luxury cache' and a luxury price tag as well.
  • In the middle are core or mass brands such as Whirlpool and GE that represent a wide range of choices and prices in the broad middle of the consumer market.
  • Above the mass brands are premium brands that don't quite fit in the luxury category, but are a step up from the mass brands.

Some marketers refine these brands even more adding for example, super premium brands, brands that are between premium and luxury. In any case, the story brands tell is related to the segment of the population that the brand is trying to represent. Customers sometimes self-select their own market category. Often demographics and income levels influence the customer brand profile.

It's important to choose a brand that suits not only personal preferences, but also a brand that is appropriate for the home. For example, suppose a home is considered a starter home, but the homeowner has an income and a lifestyle to support luxury brands in his or her new kitchen. Installing a collection of luxury brand appliances including a large built-in refrigerator in a 1300 sq. ft. bungalow in a working class neighborhood would be a bad idea from a resale aspect.

However, suppose that neighborhood has become very desirable. Those small, older entry-level bungalows are now selling for about a million dollars. In order to maximize the resale price the homeowner will need to upgrade the kitchen and appliances from the original value brands. Same house and same square footage as before, but an entirely different decision when it comes to selecting the right appliance brand.

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