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Get the right features on your new appliances

Avoid costly mistakes in selecting plumbing fixtures and appliances

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Customers sometimes ask for basic appliances with no bells and whistles. However, it's important to be specific. Here's an example: After purchasing a “basic” dryer from one of the big box home improvement stores, this customer wrote:

…no alarm to tell you when it is finished, had nothing but wrinkled cloths from day one because of this. Why would anyone build a dryer without an alarm is beyond me, not like you can stand next to it until it is done so clothes don't wrinkle.”

The truth is that the difference between a $299 dishwasher and a $399 dishwasher is not just $100. There are likely to be very important features missing on the entry level model such as delay start, heavy wash, or a sani-cycle. The time to find out about the features or bells and whistles on your appliance is before you purchase. If you wait until after your gas range has been in the home and used for a couple of weeks before you discover that you do not have a low simmer setting, it's too late.

Here are some basic tips on getting the right features on appliances:

  1. Avoid “loss leaders”. There's nothing wrong with buying an appliance that is advertised at a good price, but when you see something that is priced way below the market price for a comparable appliance ask the sales associate for an explanation.

  2. Get a sales associate who knows something about appliances. If your salesperson has to sell lightbulbs, lumber, and paint as well as appliances he or she is not likely to be able to answer more than a very basic question on appliances.

  3. Your appliance is going to be around for years. Don't short yourself. Amortize the cost. If an appliance has an expected life of 10 years, an extra $100 for the appliance you really want figures out to less than 3 cents per day.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) is an independent appliance and plumbing fixture retailer. The professional staff at UAKC are all well-trained in the specific products and brands that they sell. Call or visit today for the best selection, advice, and pricing on major appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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