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Getting your Appliance Rebate Paid

Submitting your rebate paperwork for payment

As we mentioned in our previous blog Important information about appliance rebates, appliance rebates and free with purchase appliance offers can add up. From a $50 installation rebate on a KitchenAid to over $6000 in FREE appliances from Thermador you can see that there is a lot of money at stake in these appliance manufacturer offers. Therefore, it's important to accurately complete rebate forms, and submit them on time. What might seem like a small technicality to you can result in a claim being rejected. Here are some things that you should know about claiming your appliance rebates:

  1. Purchase dates are firm. There really isn't any wiggle room here. Purchases must be made within the prescribed time, and invoices dated accordingly. Otherwise your claim will be rejected.
  2. Submission dates are firm. Rebate forms not only specify that the purchase must have occurred during the prescribed time, but that the claim be submitted and postmarked by a specific date.
  3. Accuracy is important. All t's must be crossed and i's must be dotted. Double check important details such as serial numbers, dates, and dollar amounts.
  4. Third parties often remove the dealer AND the manufacturer from the claims process. Appliance manufacturers typically hire other firms to handle the processing of claim payments. Don't expect that your sales associate will be able to help you with a rejected claim. They don't have much that they can do with these claim processing firms. The companies that administer these claims will take the allotted time to process your claim, and do not show much flexibility in handling exceptions.

Of couse, if you follow the rules and submit the simple rebate form on time and properly filled out, you shouldn't have a problem, and you've gotten yourself a great buy on your appliances.

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