Better Cooking Results Using Even-Heat Technology

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Maintaining even temperature throughout your oven.

KitchenAid Wall Oven

One of the greatest frustrations for chefs is putting a lot of hard work into a dish only to get inconsistent results due to cold spots in an oven. You shouldn't have to rotate pans, place multiple thermometers throughout the oven, or perform tricks in order to get consistent, even results.

KitchenAid researchers have studied the science of creating consistently reliable heating and developed Even-Heat(TM) Technology – an innovative feature that helps deliver exceptional cooking results. Gail Bruce, senior brand manager at KitchenAid says, “Our new line of built-in ovens and freestanding ranges are designed for consumers who are passionate about cooking, understnd convection, and expect more from their appliances. Even-Heat(TM) Technology meets their high standards by delivering exceptionally even heat, every time.”

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Even-Heat(TM) Technology combines innovative features to generate heat in multiple spot and spreads it evenly throughout the oven. The result is ovens that deliver the most even baking* and ranges that feature the most even baking across all racks. **


  • HELPS REMOVE COLD SPOTS- Cold spots are the result of an oven that has not consistently distributed heat to the set temperature when baking/cooking starts. KitchenAid built-in ovents and freestanding ranges feature Even-Heat(TM) Preheat. The entire oven, including the walls and racks are heated to the correct temperature. This means that the entire oven reaches its set temperature quickly and maintains that temperature so you can get even results.
  • NO PEEKING INSIDE TO GET GREAT RESULTS- The Even-Heat(TM) True Convection System helps ensure that properly preheated air circulates over, under, and around every rack. This creates perfectly baked center and goldeb browning without the burnt edges. There's no need to open the oven door to check on progress, or rotate pans and cookie sheets to different rcks. But for those consumers who absolutely have to look, they've made their oven windows among the largest so they can see from edge to edge without opening the door.
  • COVERS EVERY COOKING NEED- You can enjoy the innovative benefits of Even-Heat(TM) Technology in a configuration that fits your kitchen. Available in 30 and 27 inch single, double, and combination ovens, the most complete selection of Even-Heat Technology ovens can be found at Unversal Appliance and Kitchen Center in Studio City, or Calabasas.

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*Among leading premium brand 30″ wall ovens

**KitchenAid Models K*RS306B and higher vs highest MSRP models of leading brand 30″ electric and gas single cavity freestanding ranges, based on browning performance.

Much of the above content was taken from KitchenAid promotional literature.


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