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Dishwashers to get your dishes clean quickly

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One of the most common issues that comes up on dishwasher reviews is the amount of time that it takes for a dishwasher to complete a full cycle. Customers report their frustration with dishwasher cycle times that can exceed three hours.

Over the last decade dishwashers have radically reduced the amount of energy that they use, the amount of water that they consume, and at the same time dishwasher noise levels have dropped dramatically.

However, these fantastic improvements have not occurred without tradeoffs. For example, instead of washing dishes in both racks simultaneously, several dishwasher brands now have spray arms that alternate washing dishes on the top rack and then switching to the bottom rack. With only half the dishes getting washed at any given time the sound levels go down, but naturally the wash times go up.

So now, to address the consumer complaints of extended wash times, some dishwasher brands have quicker wash cycles for lightly soiled dishes or glasses.

Jenn-Air Dishwasher

Jenn-Air touts a one hour wash for quick cleaning on the new Jenn-Air Trifecta™ dishwashers.

Frigidaire's new dishwashers with the OrbitClean® wash system include a 30 minute Quick Wash.

Miele Dishwasher

Miele trumps both Jenn-Air and Frigidaire with a 19 minute cycle on its model G7859. How can they get dishes clean with such a short wash cycle? Well, this Miele model is a commercial dishwasher that works on 208v. It's really designed for a community center, a day care facility, etc. If you want it in your house you may need to have an electrician pull a separate electric line for this high-powered Miele dishwasher, but you'll get clean dishes fast.

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