Don’t be afraid of convection.

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We’ve been selling convection ovens in the U.S. for decades.
Yet, there are still many customers out there who shy away
from convection for several reasons. Here are some important
points to keep in mind:

Convection is an option. Though I regularly use this feature
in my oven at home, there are times when I elect not to use it.
My wife usually does not use convection, but there are times
that she chooses to. It’s up to you whether you want to use
the convection feature in your oven or not.

Convection is easy to use. Many convection ovens today
have an auto conversion feature allowing you to set your oven
just as you normally would. The oven then converts the
time/temperature as needed for convection cooking of your
favorite recpe.

Convection is more expensive. Well, yes. However, in most
cases if you want a manufacturer’s better range or oven
convection is an included feature – just as power steering and
automatic transmission is more expensive, but you can hardly
get a car without it.

We plan on blogging more about convection, but first we’d like
to hear from you. Post your questions and comments
in the comments section and we’ll have our experts reply.

Speaking of experts, our sales staff at Universal Appliance
and Kitchen Center can provide the expert help you need to
select your new convection oven or any other appliance you
may need.  AND they’ll get you a great price too. Call them at:
888 439-9795.

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