Make Banana Slush Punch with GE

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Summer’s approaching, and what better way is there to meet it with than getting your family together and making banana slush punch. Chill out and enjoy the warm California sunshine with this fun recipe!

All you’ll need is four ripe bananas, two cups of sugar, a can of pineapple juice, two cans of orange juice concentrate, one can frozen lemonade concentrate, three liters of ginger ale, and three cups of water. Here’s how you mix all of these up for the perfect slush punch.

  • In a blender, combine bananas, sugar, and three cups of water. Blend it until it’s all smooth and pour it into a large bowl. Blend in the orange juice, lemonade and three cups of water.
  • Throw your concoction into your GE French Door Bottom Drawer Freezer for three to four hours, and enjoy the fine sunshine.

GE is also helping you prep-up for the coming heat by releasing top of the line home and kitchen appliances. GE appliances have just released their new French Door Refrigerators, which come standard with the most advanced ice and water technology on the market. The system features sound wave technology equipped with ultrasonic sensors, which will allow you to fill any size container with your desired amount of water.

Home appliances should make your life easier and more efficient. With GE’s new refrigerator, cooking measurement will become a breeze. Remember those banana slushies you made earlier? Well imagine your refrigerator being able to measure the right amount of water for you without wasting any time. This revolutionary refrigerator is also the first refrigerator on the market to ever feature a hot water dispenser.

If you want to make life easier, stop by Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s conveniently located showroom in Studio City, CA. Check out the new GE French Door Refrigerator for yourself, and be amazed by the hard work and diligence they put into it to make your summer days a breeze.

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