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Fill your pots with Pot Fillers from UAKC

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Pot FIller

What's a Pot Filler?

Pot fillers are faucets located at or near the cooking surface in the kitchen to add water to cooking vessels without having to move the pot back and forth between the cooktop and the sink.

Why Get a Pot Filler?

A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Carting water from the sink takes time and can create back strain. A pot filler is a convenient way to save the time, eliminate the back strain, and prevent spills. Consider how often you use water in your cooking. Whether it's just a few tablespoons for your favorite recipe, or a full pot for cooking pasta, the convenience is undeniable.

Pot fillers are standard in many restaurants, and it's likely that the trend towards pot fillers in home kitchens began there. A pot filler in the kitchen is a good sign that there is some serious cooking going on.

Pot Filler Features and Brands

Pot fillers are commonly wall-mounted, but there are also deck-mounted pot fillers available. Some of the brands of pot fillers available at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center are Alfi, Brizo, Franke, KWC, and Waterstone. Below are a few examples:

Waterstone -
Here are examples of a contemporary wall mounted pot filler and a traditional counter mounted pot filler from Waterstone.

Waterstone Wall Pot Filler
Waterstone Deck Pot Filler


This traditional wall mounted pot filler from Brizo is a popular choice and it's on sale now at UAKC at a very competitive price. It's also available in a contemporary style.
Brizo Pot Filler

For a complete selection of pot fillers and other fine plumbing fixtures and major appliances be sure to consult the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

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