Deciding between Stainless Appliances and Cabinet Panels

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Stainless vs Cabinet Panels – Pros and Cons

Many appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, wine chillers, and ice makers can be purchased with stainless steel fronts or panel ready to accept optional cabinet fronts. In many cases, these are “integrated” allowing the appliance to completely blend in with surrounding cabinets, though adding cabinet panels to your appliances will also add cost.

So the question might be, “Do you want your appliances to blend in or would you prefer that your appliances stand out?” Some appliances are just so dominant, that it makes no sense to try to hide them. Look at this Sub Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator. It dominates the kitchen and demands attention.

Sub Zero Pro 48

Sub Zero Pro 48

On the other hand, this integrated suite of GE Monogram refrigerator and wine units, tastefully blends into the room and makes a subtle statement of its own.

GE Monogram

GE Monogram

Dishwashers, are appliances that really lend themselves to cabinet panels and can often seamlessly blend into the lower cabinets. Look for a dishwasher that is designed to fit “flush” in a 24″ deep cabinet enclosure.

Increasingly, we're seeing refrigerator and freezer drawer units, which are great for Universal Design and also nicely lend themselves to cabinet panels. Another great advantage to this appliance category is that they are go anywhere appliances, so they fit in with the design concept of “point of use” appliances. We see them in pantries, rec rooms, and about anyplace that it makes sense to have cold food storage at hand.

Finally, it's not necessarily an either or proposition in choosing between stainless and cabinet panels. In the instance below these Thermador Freedom columns show integrated stainless steel columns that look great accompanied by a panelized wine unit.

Thermador Freedom Columns

Thermador Freedom Columns

For help in purchasing either stainless steel or panel-ready appliances always deal with professionals such as those at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center .

Two locations to serve you – Calabasas and Studio City:

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

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