When is the best time to purchase a room air conditioner?

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When you don’t need one!


Seriously, the worst time to buy a new room air conditioner is when you really need one. When the heat wave hits, the lines get long, and the prices rise. Every summer, we’re going to get a scorcher in some part of the country, and the newspapers will have front page pictures of sweaty buyers standing in line to buy air conditioners. Don’t be one of them.

Get your new room air conditioner now. Here are 4 things to think about before buying a new room A/C.
1. Where are you going to install the new unit? Window units often come with expandable shutters to fit in different size windows. Wall units will need a hole cut in the wall so it will take some serious thought to get the location right, and perhaps the aid of a contractor.
2. Get the right voltage. There’s not much point in buying a large 220V. room air conditioner, if you don’t have a 220v receptacle or plans to have one installed.
3. Get the right size. The size of the room being air conditioned is only one consideration. The number of windows, the orientation of the room, and the amount of insulation will also weigh into determining what size to purchase. While purchasing an air conditioner that is too small is not a good thing, there are also good reasons to avoid purchasing a unit that is much too large.
4. Quality counts. It’s great to save money, but if the unit is not energy efficient, is so noisy that it keeps you up all night, or falls apart the day the warranty expires then what have you really saved.

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