Reasons to Buy an Induction Cooktop or Range

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4 Good Reasons to Consider Induction

Here are four very good reasons you should consider induction if you are purchasing a new range or cooktop. If you think Induction might be for you, be sure to contact the cooking experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC). They carry all the major brands and have excellent selection and prices.

1. Fast to heat

Induction Range

Induction will heat faster than gas or conventional electric heating. One manufacturer has even touted that their induction cooktop will boil water in 90 seconds. Powerful electric coils under the glass surface create magnetic induction energy causing the metal cooking vessel to quickly heat up. The pan itself is what will cook your food in record time.

2. Responsive

Induction cooking is very responsive. Since the power turns on and off instantly and doesn't need to ramp up or down, you'll see boiling water stop boiling almost immediately when you turn off the power.

3. Very little heat transfer to cooking surface

Induction Cooktop

Unlike traditional heating methods, the intense heat doesn't spread to the adjacent cooking surface, making cleanup a breeze.

4. Prices are the lowest ever.

Just in the last year or two induction cooktops and ranges have dropped considerably in price. There are models for nearly any budget. Most appliance brands in the popular price range such as GE, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool now have induction models in their lineup. Upgrade brands such as KitchenAid, Bosch, GE Profile, and Electrolux have some great features and represent terrific values. For top of the line features in induction look to brands such as Jenn-Air, Thermador, and Miele.

One not so good reason to consider induction – Energy Savings

Unfortunately, there has been so much exuberance for induction that some folks are extolling benefits that are not factual. One of these benefits is that an induction cooktop will save you a lot of money because it uses less energy than gas or electric. It IS true that induction is an energy saver. However, your gas or electric range or cooktop are a very small part of your total energy bill. So, while an induction cooktop or range will use a lot less energy than a gas or electric model, it will not save you much money on your electric bill.

Special cookware requirements.

Induction Cookware

Any pots or pans made of ferrous (iron) material will work with induction. Cast iron or porcelain coated iron (Le Cruset) work well. Many stainless steel pots and pans will also work with induction. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, consider the pan induction friendly.

For more information on induction appliances or other major appliances or plumbing fixtures call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC).

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