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Your bathroom is a place to cleanse your body, mind, and soul, and is deserving of a gorgeous tub, shower, and fixtures. For exceptional quality in all your bathroom needs, consider Americh.
Americh specializes in producing beautiful bathtubs, shower bases, and custom design baths as well as bathroom fixtures perfectly suited for any home. The company manufactures over 130 bathtub designs and nearly 40 different acrylic shower bases, providing the range of choices you need.
Americh designs showcase timeless elegance alongside a subtle European influence, bringing fresh style into your home. Americh products are crafted in the United States by skilled artisans, providing durability and quality that is tough to beat. Thanks to stringent quality standards, Americh continues to craft innovative and tasteful designs. The company offers exceptional bathroom luxury to reinvigorate your home. With a host of styles, sizes, and designs available in all of its products, you are bound to find the perfect Americh bathroom fixtures or tubs for your home.
For gorgeous, high-quality bathroom fixtures, consider Americh. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center boasts an impressive selection of Americh products, providing the perfect choices for your home. Be sure to shop our selection of decorative plumbing hardware and fixtures today.