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Founded in 2013, Caliber Appliances is a relatively young company. But make no mistake, this manufacturer offers impressive products with great power and even better designs.

Caliber specializes in barbeque grills and grill accessories, and also manufactures cooking ranges and cooktops.

Caliber tells consumers to “Expect Great Heat!,” and its appliances certainly deliver on that promise. Compared to your average barbeque grills, Caliber’s grills offer superior heat and temperature control. This is thanks in part to a patent-pending burner technology that provides an even flow of heat to every part of the grill’s surface. Caliber grills offer the commercial-grade quality you need to bring classic recipes and exciting new dishes to life.

In addition to impressive power, Caliber’s grills are also beautifully designed. The company makes more than just your standard stainless steel grill. Caliber produces a range of grills in different colors and sizes guaranteed to bring some serious style to your patio or outdoor kitchen. The company’s ranges and cooktops also offer impressive style and great power, bringing a breath of fresh air to your kitchen.

For a powerful grill in a unique design, you’ll want to consider Caliber Appliances. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers a great selection of Caliber Appliances products.