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As a cook, you need to be able to heat food and prepare dishes with the touch of a button. In other words, you need a microwave. From countertop microwaves and microwave drawers to built-in units, there are plenty of exceptional designs to choose from. If you want a stylish microwave that helps save cooking space, consider an over-the-counter microwave.

An over the counter microwave is designed for installation above your kitchen counter, typically nested between cabinets or above your stove/cooking range. This design helps you save valuable counter space, providing extra room for cooking or storing other small appliances. Some over the counter microwaves even include ventilation capabilities, combining a microwave and range hood into one unit. With a huge variety of styles and designs, you’re guaranteed to find an over the counter model that matches your kitchen cabinets. And of course, these models still feature a host of cooking settings, providing a variety of functions with a convenient, space-saving design.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here for all of your microwave needs. We boast a great selection of the best over the counter microwaves from the top manufacturers, helping you find the best choice for your kitchen. Be sure to browse our variety of microwaves and cooking appliances today.

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