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The modern home requires modern cooking appliances, and no kitchen space is complete without a cooking range. These appliances come in a variety of common designs, including gas freestanding ranges, induction ranges, and dual fuel ranges. For powerful cooking features in a versatile design, consider investing in an electric freestanding range. 

An electric freestanding range is a type of electric cooking range that can be installed in almost any location. The freestanding design allows you to easily transport this appliance should you want to rearrange your kitchen space, or if you decide to move to a new home. Most electric ranges either feature traditional electric coil burners or an advanced induction cooktop, with both choices offering exceptional temperature control for precision cooking. Meanwhile, an electric range's oven will offer the superior temperature consistency ideal for cooking and baking.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers a wide selection of the best electric freestanding cooking ranges from premium brands. Be sure to browse our entire selection of exceptional cooking appliances today.
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