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Almost every kitchen features both a microwave and a toaster. And while each small appliance is great in different situations, sometimes there just isn’t enough room in the kitchen for both. If you’re looking to combine the power of a toaster and microwave in one versatile appliance, consider opting for a toaster oven.

Toaster ovens are essentially a smaller version of a conventional oven. They use less energy than a large oven, and typically cook food faster. You can use your toaster oven in the same way you would use a traditional toaster, but the oven-like design makes this appliance perfect for baking small dishes or heating food you might normally put in the microwave. Many toaster ovens feature a broiler function perfect for crisping potatoes, vegetables, breads, and more. You can even use this appliance like a warming drawer, setting it to a low heat and to keep dishes warm as you cook the rest of a meal. A toaster oven combines the crisping abilities of a toaster, the baking power of an oven, and the fast heat of a microwave all in one.

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