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Electrolux offers a wide variety of consumer laundry and appliances inspired by the commercial arena. The company has designed appliances for world-class chefs and five-star, and uses that experience to craft exceptional products for your home.

The Electrolux ICON Series is the company’s designer brand, offering the same quality and innovation you expect from a traditional Electrolux appliance with more modern, expressive designs. Electrolux ICON also offers more energy efficient appliances — a perfect choice for eco-friendly homeowners.

Electrolux ICON offers kitchen appliances and laundry appliances. Some of the available kitchen products include dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, microwaves, freezers, and refrigerators. The line also features energy efficient washers and dryers.

Electrolux attributes its thoughtful designs to continuous consumer research, using input from average people to help make new and improved units. Compared to standard Electrolux product, Electrolux ICON features more modern aesthetics while providing a wide range of settings and special functions. These designs offer the flexibility and ease-of-use you need within a beautiful package. You’ll be able to find a great Electrolux ICON appliance, no matter your needs.

For premium functionality and contemporary design, consider an Electrolux ICON appliance. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here to help you find the perfect Electrolux ICON appliance for your home. Be sure to shop our unique selection of cooking appliances and laundry appliances today.