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If you want to maintain kitchen cleanliness, you need to remember kitchen ventilation. A quality range hood will help remove smoke, steam, grease, and airborne residue from your cooking area, and Faber can provide you with a great range hood no matter your needs.

Since 1955, Faber has been making high quality Italian engineered range hoods. The company manufactures over 30 models of hoods including under cabinet range hoods, island range hoods, cabinet insert range hoods, downdraft range hoods, and wall mount range hoods. With so many models available, Faber can provide range hoods for almost any kitchen orientation.

Faber’s hoods feature sleek and chic designs, and offer exceptional energy efficiency. Because of their energy efficient designs, Faber hoods are great for eco-friendly and cost-conscious homeowners. These hoods won’t make your power bill skyrocket. Like many other hood companies, Faber also produces hood filters, conversion kits, spare parts, and other accessories needed for installation, repairs, and maintenance.

For an attractive and efficient range hood, you should definitely consider Faber. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers an impressive variety of Faber range hoods, helping you find the perfect appliance to keep your kitchen air clean. Be sure to browse our selection of kitchen range hoods today.