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With a history dating back over 140 years, KWC Faucets offers exceptional quality faucets that have adapted to modern times. In fact, KWC has helped innovate the bathroom and kitchen fixture industries with its impressive faucet offerings.

KWC specializes in faucets for your kitchen and bathroom, providing beautiful, durable solutions for all your needs. The brand’s entire identity is built on three key points: innovation, precision, and aesthetics. Thanks to 140 years of manufacturing experience, KWC is able to provide faucets that precisely meet your needs, with designs that offer innovations to promote convenience in the home. KWC’s precise, innovative approach is wrapped up in ergonomic modern designs that highlight the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. KWC faucets not only work great, they look great too. With a host of faucet styles, sizes, and designs available, you are bound to find the perfect addition to your home. KWC even offers commercial faucets to meet all your business needs.

For innovation, functionality, and superior design, consider KWC Faucets. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is proud to offer an impressive selection of KWC Faucets. Be sure to browse our selection of kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and decorative plumbing hardware today.

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