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No laundry room is complete without a great washer, and there are plenty of solid designs to choose from. Traditional top load washers, front load washers, and portable washers all offer great capabilities. But for the best range of washing options and modern technology, consider a high efficiency top load washer.

High efficiency washers use less water, detergent, and energy than traditional machines. Over time, a high efficiency machine will save you money in energy costs. These machines also offer higher speed spin cycles than traditional designs. As a result, your clothes come out of the washer less wet, and require less time in the dryer. Even better, these modern designs often offer a huge range of spin cycles and settings, providing the perfect setting for all of your clothes.

The high efficiency design also offers more space than traditional top load and front load machines, helping you wash more clothes at once. And when you wash more clothes at once, you do less loads of laundry overall.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here for all of your laundry needs. We provide a great selection of high efficiency top load washers, helping you find the perfect new addition to your laundry room.

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MaytagMaytag Top Load Washer with Deep Fill - 4.8 cu. ft.

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Maytag MVW6200KW

Maytag Top Load Washer with Deep Fill - 4.8 cu. ft.

Model Color/Finish Regular Price Savings After Savings
MVW6200KW White $849.00 $62.00 $787.00

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