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Your bathroom should offer you luxury and comfort. The bathroom is a peaceful space where you can take refuge from the daily stresses of life, cleanse your body, and clear your mind. For impressive luxury and exceptional contemporary style in your bathroom fixtures, consider MTI Baths.

MTI specializes in bathroom fixtures, manufacturing bathtubs, shower bases, and a variety of sinks. The company also manufactures specialty tubs including foot spas, pet spas, walk-in tubs, and laundry sinks. MTI Baths prides itself on a culture of embracing change, allowing the brand to provide a wealth of innovative luxury designs. MTI’s offerings provide peak luxury for your bathroom while offering modern, contemporary style. MTI bathtubs provide maximum comfort and maximum style. With a variety of styles, designs, and sizes available for your home, you’re bound to find the perfect new additions to your bathroom.

For superior luxury and style in your bath and bathroom fixtures, consider MTI Baths. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is honored to offer you a selection of MTI Baths products, providing the quality and comfort you need in your home. Be sure to browse our variety of bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories, and decorative plumbing hardware today.

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