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No home is complete without a great refrigerator, and while traditional models work well there are a host of specialty refrigerators to meet your needs. From wine coolers to compact refrigerators, you’re bound to find an appliance that meets your needs. If you love fresh beer, you should consider a beer cooler and kegerator.

Beer coolers and kegerators are designed to provide fresh, cold beer whenever needed, and typically come together. The beer cooler is a compact refrigerator designed to keep a fresh keg cold, with a kegerator attached to pump beer from the keg through a draft tower for your enjoyment. Beer coolers and kegerators are the perfect addition to your outdoor grill setup or Man Cave, and are an ideal choice for anyone who loves to throw parties. Most beer coolers and kegerators function as well as commercial brewing systems, providing high-quality pours and perfect temperatures all from the comfort of your own home.

No matter your refrigeration needs, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here to help. We offer a huge selection of the best beer coolers and kegerators from the top manufacturers, helping you find the perfect choice for your home. Be sure to browse our selection of specialty refrigerators today.

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