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Founded in 1987, St. Thomas Creations has built its reputation on enduring beauty and luxury, offering bathroom fixtures that perfectly blend classic style with modern flair.

St. Thomas Creations manufactures a range of bathroom fixtures including toilets, lavatories, and bidets. The brand’s products each feature elegant styles and impeccable craftsmanship, and when installed with each other provide an impressive modern bathroom design.

Each of St. Thomas Creations’ products are design as part of a complete suite of bathroom fixtures. On their own, these products offer traditional-inspired designs and elegant style. But together, they provide a truly distinctive look guaranteed to please. Moreover, St. Thomas Creations’ products offer exceptional performance and efficiency, using less water and power than many competitors to ensure your home stays environmentally friendly. Thanks to a vast variety of sizes, styles, and designs available in each bathroom fixture, you’re sure to find a product perfect for your home.

For elegantly designed and impressively crafted bathroom fixtures, consider St. Thomas Creations. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is honored to offer you a variety of St. Thomas Creations products, providing the perfect selections for your home. Be sure to browse our selection of bathroom fixtures and decorative plumbing hardware today.

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