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Founded in 1996, Victoria + Albert is a British brand renowned for manufacturing exceptional freestanding tubs and basin.

Victoria + Albert specializes in freestanding tubs and basins, but also produces drop-in tubs, bathroom sinks, faucets, bathroom accessories, and more. All of its bathroom fixtures are beloved for their luxurious looks and exceptionally high quality. The company’s products offer such high quality thanks to its uses of ENGLISHCAST, a proprietary blend of Volcanic Limestone and high performance resins. This combination of materials provides a beautifully clean white exterior, with each tub and fixtures hand-finished by craftsmen to provide the perfect finish. Best of all, ENGLISHCAST provides great durability, resulting in bathroom fixtures that can last many, many years.

Victoria + Albert products come in both traditional and modern designs, providing numerous solutions to your bathroom needs. With a host of sizes, styles, and designs for each bathroom fixture, there’s little doubt you’ll find the perfect new addition to your home.

For unique style and exceptional craftsmanship, consider Victoria + Albert. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is proud to supply you with a host of Victoria & Albert products, providing the perfect selections for your home. Be sure to shop our variety of bathroom fixtures and decorative plumbing hardware today.

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