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A great barbeque is the beating heart of any impressive outdoor kitchen or grilling setup. There are a huge variety of barbeques you can find, from charcoal BBQs and natural gas BBQs to pro style BBQs. If you want a barbeque that offers solid control and quality with affordable fuel, consider a liquid propane gas BBQ

Liquid propane BBQs use a propane tank as a fuel source, easily connecting to a tank that typically sits just below the grill. Liquid propane is an affordable fuel source that can be found almost anywhere, and the tanks are easy to attach to the barbeque. These barbeques offer the same level of precise control as a natural gas models in a simpler design. And because you don’t have to connect the barbeque to a gas line, you have more flexibility in terms of where you can setup the grill. Like all barbeques, liquid propane models come in a range of styles and sizes, providing you with plenty of options to choose from.

No matter what kind of barbeque you want, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can meet your needs. We offer a host of the best liquid propane gas BBQs from trusted manufacturers, ensuring you find a high quality addition to your home. Be sure to browse our selection of barbeques and outdoor living appliances today.

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